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Planting a Tree

Helping to make our plant smile

We are very passionate about making sure our company is as sustainable as possible.

Here are several ways we support this:


- We work with 'Tree Nation' to Plant a Tree with Every Purchase you make via our site, even if it is not a wood product.  Via Tree Nation, we are currently working with the Eden Reforestation Project, where we are raising money to plant a tree for multiple projects across the World.

To find out more you can visit their website

- All of our olive products come from Tunisian olive trees that have come to the end of their productive fruiting life, so the whole of the tree is used and preserved in a productive craft, be it oil, food or wooden kitchen and gift products. 


- Our oak signs are made from locally sourced reclaimed oak planks, which we upcycle and make good to re-use. Any waste is then used to make keyrings. 


- We re-use as much of our packaging as possible - so very little waste is made from the boxes and bubble wrap, etc that we receive our supplies in.

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